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Business and Marketing Plan Publication:

"A Sample Business Plan for Pastry Chefs, Confectioners, and Bakers.”


New business and marketing plan publication to help retail/wholesale bakeries and pastry shops

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Caima has published a new training guide: “ A Sample Business Plan for Pastry Chefs, Confectioners, and Bakers.”


The publication contains an actual business plan, financial projections, statistical information, a marketing program and various forms and business plan checklists. The publication also includes a disk/CD of financial spreadsheets for both Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123. The publication is designed for bakeries, pastry, chocolate, confectionery shops or similar retail and wholesale businesses.

Preparing a business plan is always a good idea as it forces you to address the most important issues in your business and the cost of a plan are minor compared to the costs that may arise by failing to plan. A business plan is helpful to anyone who intends to open a business or already has a business. It is meant for someone who is serious about his/her business and definitely intends to put together a business plan. This workbook is not something you would buy and place on a bookshelf; instead this is a working guide. The publication will assist you, the entrepreneur, to construct his/her own plan. 

For the existing business, compiling a business plan may be an eye-opener. By compiling a plan, the business owner is forced to address the major issues before they arise. A plan identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). It offers possible solutions and sets specific targets and identifies how these targets can be achieved.  Additional topics include market description, financial plan, marketing strategy, promotion, competition, critical performance indicators, and much more.

About the author: Fred Bliedung, has over 35 years of industry experience.  He has a solid background in all aspects of store operations, marketing, and merchandising. He has successfully managed several hundred retail and wholesale bakery operations and understands how sales and profits can be improved.


          “A Sample Business Plan for Pastry Chefs, Confectioners, and Bakers.”


            Here are a few of the headings:

  • Executive Summary

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Description and Nature of Business

  • History of the Bakery

  • Prospects of the Business and the Nature of the Opportunity

  • Vision

  • The Bakery’s Mission Statement

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

  • Ownership

  • Critical Performance Indicators

  • Contingency Plan

  • Financial Plan

  • Products

  • Total Market Description

  • Target Market

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Promotion

  • Competition

  • Suppliers

  • Production Capacity

  • Production Technology and Expansion of Plant and Equipment

  • Retail Bake-Off Activity

  • Retail Store Renovations

  • Licenses and Insurance

  • Management

  • Personnel, Salaries, and Wages

  • Training and Development

  • Professional Adviser



Appendix   I   -  Financial Spreadsheets

Appendix  II   -  Statistical Information on Trading Area

Appendix  III  -  Promotional Programs

Appendix IV  -  Forms and Checklists

Appendix  V  -  Business Plan Checklist

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With the purchase of the publication, we can also offer you email support to asset you in putting together your business plan. 


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